DiscoverWhat Happens in the WoodsNo?! Not Bob the baker!
No?! Not Bob the baker!

No?! Not Bob the baker!

Update: 2020-10-02


For years, Robert Hansen lived the perfect double life; a respected member of the community, a mild mannered and shy family man, an avid and record-setting hunter. But there was a monster inside that was capable of horrible and despicable acts towards women. The untamed state of Alaska proved the perfect backdrop for him to fulfill his fantasies of hunting prey. Some human, some animal.

With his family away and no one to stop him, “Bob the Baker” embarked on his “summer plan” ready to rape and kill to his hearts content. If it hadn’t been for one very brave victim and her escape from certain death, there’s no telling how long Robert Hansen would have been left unchecked.

Join us this episode as we go deep into the aptly named “Land of the Midnight Sun” and find what secrets lay in the frozen ground of the beautiful state of Alaska.

* Opening dialogue taken from this video

Some information from this episode:

Crimes and Closets Podcast -

Video - ID original : Mind of a Monster - *

Wife had no idea husband was a murderer -

Life after an encountering a serial killer -

Victims subjected to horrors - -

Not mentioned in the podcast, but recommended:

“The Frozen Ground” motion picture from 2013 based on the crimes of Robert Hansen, currently available on Netflix.








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No?! Not Bob the baker!

No?! Not Bob the baker!

What happens In the woods