DiscoverChurch with Jesse Lee PetersonNo Compassion in Families or the World | Archive 12/1/13
No Compassion in Families or the World | Archive 12/1/13

No Compassion in Families or the World | Archive 12/1/13

Update: 2023-01-11


Family conflict: A lack of truth and forgiveness! Pray quietly and let God guide you. Do you have compassion? What is it?

BOND Archive Sunday Service, December 1, 2013: Jesse Lee Peterson recounts overeating at Thanksgiving, attending a favorite aunt's funeral, and visiting his senile father. Families don't love and confront one another, but gossip behind their backs. The men are afraid of a mean female in-law, and let her go out-of-control! //

A soon-to-be bride and groom join us. The woman breaks down talking about her relationship with her mother whom she has not forgiven. Neither she nor the man do the silent prayer that Jesse recommends. We don't know what to pray for, but need God's guidance. The ego hates to sit still, and so one man lacks patience. People of darkness overreact to the light from a person calmly telling the truth. //

When you're awake, you don't constantly "correct" everyone, but you're led by God. This has been the most rewarding year for Jesse yet: Let go and grow. Have love and compassion for everyone. In the black community, black single mothers' anger is weakening children, men and women. (Don't feel restricted by others in how you feel you should pray.) One white lady's daughter is treating her better. //

QUESTIONS: Do you have compassion? What is compassion? Conservatives should have compassion or love for liberals. We're supposed to love even our enemies. Compassion doesn't force "help" on people who don't accept it. Compassion lets people go. But supporting abortion or same-sex marriage is not compassion at all. Deceivers are twisting the Christians' values to use against them! It's a spiritual battle. Make sure you pray so that you can see what's going on. //

0:00:00 Sun, Dec 1, 2013
0:01:04 I overate at Thanksgiving!
0:01:46 Indiana trip for nice aunt's funeral
0:05:00 Father has Alzheimer's
0:07:24 Love for my father after forgiveness
0:09:09 Dad doesn't believe in women preachers
0:10:18 Family's crazy, don't tell you the truth
0:12:54 Female in-law trying to fight: Men scared
0:20:14 People talk behind the back, nothing solved
0:22:04 No wedding today after all!
0:24:06 Did you forgive your mother?
0:30:16 Are you doing the prayer? Need God's guidance
0:33:00 Man doing whooping and hollering prayer
0:36:33 Testimony on prayer
0:38:21 Impatient b/c ego doesn't sit still
0:39:31 Darkness overreacts to light
0:41:00 Speaking truth, wouldn't we be judging always?
0:42:05 You're not always correcting people. God leads.
0:43:26 Most rewarding year: Let go and grow: love and compassion
0:44:54 More on male family's fear of female in-law
0:45:47 Black single mothers' anger weakens
0:47:25 Is it right to talk to God, and thank Him?
0:49:58 Daughter treating mother better. (All whites Republicans/RINOs)
0:51:29 Do you have compassion? What is it?
0:55:40 Compassion/love for liberals and enemies
0:57:09 Compassion lets people go, doesn't impose
0:58:17 Same-sex marriage: Compassion?
1:00:36 Spiritual battle: Pray and see




Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday 11 AM PT at BOND in Los Angeles


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No Compassion in Families or the World | Archive 12/1/13

No Compassion in Families or the World | Archive 12/1/13

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