DiscoverThe "Home Team" PodcastNo Home is complete without the Family Dog!
No Home is complete without the Family Dog!

No Home is complete without the Family Dog!

Update: 2019-09-25


Is your Home really complete without a pet? Sixty-eight percent of US households own a pet and 43 million Americans own Dogs. There is a reason that our Canine friends have earned the title of "Man's Best Friend". However, many struggle with properly training our Dogs/Puppies when we first bring them into our home because of several factors including kids, work and other commitments. This can lead to several problems and aggravations. This is why we have brought in expert Michael Connors from Connors Canine Behavior Academy, LLC to talk about how to set your furry friend up for success leaving you with more enjoyment and less stress. This is a must listen to episode if you own a Dog and especially if you have just gotten a new puppy or are thinking of getting one!  

Michael’s story:

Connors Canine Behavior Academy was founded by Retired Staff Sergeant Michael Connors, a combat veteran who enlisted in the United States Army in 2006. He deployed to the Middle East multiple times in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation New Dawn, and Operation Enduring Freedom Spartan Shield. 

During Michael's military career and multiple deployments, he experienced a number of events that changed his life forever.  He was diagnosed with severe post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, chronic migraines and vertigo, significant hearing loss, and many other disabilities. 

During his last deployment, he was medically evacuated from the combat theater due to injuries sustained.  He spent eighteen months as a patient at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. During his recovery, he was introduced to service dogs.  He began training service dogs for other veterans as a form of occupational therapy. Through this therapy he found his life’s passion; working with dogs to serve his country, when he could no longer serve in the US Army.

When Michael medically retired from the army in 2016, he founded Connors Canine Behavior Academy.  The academy’s goal to help of dog owners help find the solutions they need with their canine companions. Since that time, he has worked with over 50 clients and trained puppy obedience, adult obedience, behavior modification (reactivity, aggression, anxiety, etc.), professional therapy dogs and professional service dogs. 

His experience includes three plus years of training professional service and therapy dogs with two organizations.  Both organizations hold Assistance Dogs International certification.  He attended Animal Behavior College to become a Certified Canine Obedience Trainer.  Michael also holds certifications in Canine First Aid and Canine CPR. 

Connors Canine Behavior Academy is proud to provide service dogs to veterans free of charge in addition to offering training programs for obedience, behavior modification, and service dog training for civilian clients. We look forward to hearing how we can serve you!

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No Home is complete without the Family Dog!

No Home is complete without the Family Dog!

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