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Not Dealing With Problems & Hard Emotions

Not Dealing With Problems & Hard Emotions

Update: 2018-08-1397


Often in life, we either bulldoze through the things we can’t face by keeping ourselves busy, or stuff them away by playing a game of charades until we become so weighed down that our lives begin to feel numb. When we push away the harder parts of life, we create walls of limitation that we refuse to break through, leaving us chained to bad behaviors and self-sabotage. This episode is all about confronting the not-so-pretty things and feelings of life so that we can get back to living lightly again. 

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Comments (8)

Aleksandra Va

This helped me so much. Thank you ♥️

Nov 5th

Elena Togliatti

this is exactly what I needed

Nov 5th

Bailey Wood

What online counseling do you use? Love your channel and podcasts!

Oct 29th

Bailey Smith

How did you get into counselling? I think it is something that I would really benefit from but I'm not sure where to start... Love you Kayln ❤️

Oct 14th

Julianna Moore

holy shit, there are so many typo's and i didn't know that i wrote that much

Oct 8th

Julianna Moore

ok, so had to stopthis and just say... at around 7 inutes.. my friend had been pilignup all her feelings and with a lot of my friends i tell them, if i hurt you, or offend you. "PLEASE tell me so i won't do it again. i don't want to be that person who hurts their friends and doesnt give a shit." but this one very good friend of mine never did that, she never told me because she was scared i would get angry. so she did at one point hurt my eelings by secretly ditchng me to go hang with her oher friends, i told her that she could've just told me herself that she had plans. but when i told her it hurt. she let all those feelings that she had been hiding and just burst out at me. she was my best friend. but i never knew how much i hurt her becuase i just don't rly know what offends pople, its the way i am. so after this outburst i was very hurt i cried and cried and then i tod myself i wasnt gonna be vulnerable so i did the natural thing and burst out at her, saying that she uldve told and that she was selfish. and during these fights only saw red, i didn't know wtf i was saying. now she never talks to me becuase we had multiple fights that started with her just secretly lying to me and leaving me alone on a night that was gonna be fun. but i don't blame her, i am scary, i am a person with a belligerent nature. but im also understanding and i miss her very much. when i think about this it makes me very sad.

Oct 8th

Cait Campbell

This has to be one of the all time best podcasts ever!! you have helped me so so much!! I've really been struggling with bulldozing which had put me into a manic state, so thank you so so much!!

Aug 31st
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Not Dealing With Problems & Hard Emotions

Not Dealing With Problems & Hard Emotions