DiscoverMarketing Like a MotherNot Enough Time? Do This To Revolutionize Your Day
Not Enough Time? Do This To Revolutionize Your Day

Not Enough Time? Do This To Revolutionize Your Day

Update: 2023-09-03


When you think about your business and the hurdles you face, what comes to mind? For the majority of entrepreneurs - especially entrepreneurs who are also juggling other priorities like raising kids - time is almost always on that list.

In this episode of the Marketing Like Mother podcast, Olivia is joined by time strategist and productivity consultant, Jaimee Campanella.

Jaimee mentors and guides parents, professionals, and entrepreneurs to take control of their time. She is the creator and principal facilitator of the Time Power program which gives people the essential tools and strategies to avoid overwhelm and tame chaos so that they can regain control of their time for good.

In this episode, Olivia and Jaimee explore:
Why trying to use a “template” to plan your time doesn’t work
The downfall of multitasking and what to do instead
How some unknown limiting beliefs could be holding you back
A simple exercise to shift your mindset and change how you see time
And more!

01:23 The common challenge for mompreneurs
03:12 The importance of not living in guilt and regret for missing important moments with family.
04:53 Work-life balance may look different than expected, but it is possible.
05:13 Time management and productivity are not one-size-fits-all solutions.
06:08 The importance of shaping time around desired experiences rather than trying to fit into a template.
07:26 The hustle culture mentality leads to constantly adding more tasks and setting unrealistic expectations.
08:04 Band-aid solutions, such as adding more apps or outsourcing, do not address the root issues of time management.
10:34 The Time Power Program focuses on four pillars: audit, vision, structure, and plan.
12:15 When to outsource.
13:14 Clarity and vision do not have to be grandiose; they can be practical and personalized.
16:22 Multitasking can lead to context switching and anxiety, hindering productivity.
16:43 Shifting the mindset around time is crucial for taking control of one's time.
18:05 Time should be treated as an active choice, not something that happens to you.
19:28 Limiting beliefs about time can be overcome through mindset shifts and intentional living.
20:06 A simple exercise to shift mindset is to change the way you speak about and treat time.
21:34 Money and abundance rarely discussed in relation to time, but time is more valuable than money.
21:59 Language shapes our thoughts and interactions with the world, so stop saying "I don't have time."
24:14 Releasing blame on time allows for empowerment and the ability to make desired changes.
26:07 True success is having time for freedom and space, not just filling up every moment.
28:07 Shifting away from the hustle culture and embracing a healthy relationship with time.

Learn more about Jaimee here:
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Not Enough Time? Do This To Revolutionize Your Day

Not Enough Time? Do This To Revolutionize Your Day

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