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Not Hitting The Panic Button Yet With AWAKE IN TIME

Not Hitting The Panic Button Yet With AWAKE IN TIME

Update: 2022-09-15


Gold Coast metal outfit Awake In Time are living proof that hard work and determination does pay dividends.
Since their formation in 2018 the guys have played at Good Things Festival and more recently Wallapalooza earlier this year, proving in the process their stage performance is capable of at the very least matching that of better known and more established bands.
This year has seen Awake In Time go harder than ever before, releasing the awesome single Panic last month before heading out on tour with Diskust for the recently completed Awake For A Diskusting Time run of shows.
With more new music planned before the year is out, CJ Nash cornered Awake In Time vocalist Alex Nelson to discuss the rise and rise of the band.

"In a way it was, because we feel like it's one of the strongest songs we've released," Nelson replied when asked if the overwhelmingly positive response to Panic was expected. "We feel like we're kind of going in a little bit different direction that's more us. A little bit of a heavier direction as well and I think the recording quality was a lot better with the mixing and mastering and just taking our time with these releases rather than getting them done and throwing them out there."
That song was one of the standouts on their recent tour with Diskust, with Nelson smiling when asked how the series of shows came about.
"It was a bit of a funny one," he smirked. "We have a pretty good bond and friendship with the guys in Diskust so this was something that I believe Lance and Kyle came up with one night on the beers and thought it would be a great idea to throw the invite our way. It was more to do something for fun with a bunch of mates rather than focussing too much on the numbers coming to the shows, and all about the music. It was more about lets do this with a whole bunch of people that we really like and we get along with and can have a great time with. I think the end result really shows that. We had such a fun time together just doing stupid stuff and enjoying each others company. There was some really good shows in there as well and we were lucky enough to have some awesome bands jump on board with us as supports."
Listen to the full audio interview to hear CJ press Alex with even more stories about Awake In Time and what the future holds.








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Not Hitting The Panic Button Yet With AWAKE IN TIME

Not Hitting The Panic Button Yet With AWAKE IN TIME

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