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Not in a Gay Way

Not in a Gay Way

Update: 2023-03-21


The Eras Tour kicked off in Swiftie City, Diplo cops to getting a beej from a dude, Gwyneth Paltrow went viral after revealing what she eats in a day, we're finally admitting JustPearlyThings exists, Trump is probably getting arrested, Emma Chamberlain is selling a thank you DM for $10,000, and Tiffany's husband Billi share his Twilight review.

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Diplo tells Emrata that he’s definitely gotten head from a man, but not in a gay way 

Emma Chamberlain selling IG ‘Thank you’ DMs for 10K

EXCLUSIVE: Hollywood country club wife names tennis pro mistress in letter to members

Taylor Swift Eras Tour set list

It seems like Taylor is going to switch up her “not a lot going on at the moment” t-shirt each time she performs “22”

John Mulaney’s ex-wife Annamarie Tendler posts a TikTok saying that the “Tolerate It” set design looks like a ripoff of her work. The video was quickly deleted and she’s now claiming this was meant to be a joke

Hannah Pearl Davis aka justpearlythings was called out by her former friend.

Best friend not sure she entirely believes her own words

Clip from Gwyneth Paltrow's interview with her doctor via Dear Media

Recording a podcast with an IV

Gwyneth does an AMA on her IG after her diet went viral, blames Long Covid

NHS boss urges caution over star's long Covid regime

Donald Trump Says he’ll be arrested on Tuesday, calls on people to protest

Justice For All


Family Vlogger Hayim Cohen (Our Unique Family) is being accused of sexual abuse against his adopted children, beating them, and faking his illness.

BlindSkinnedBeauty Podcast clip from alleged victim 

Adam22 of the No Jumper podcast is confronted by Official Perv Busters on live stream about his alleged sexual encounters with a teenage girl

Co-hosts leave podcast after serious allegations

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Not in a Gay Way

Not in a Gay Way

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