DiscoverTapping Q & A - Getting the most out of tapping and EFTNot knowing what to say when tapping w/ Nancy Forrester (Pod #472)
Not knowing what to say when tapping w/ Nancy Forrester (Pod #472)

Not knowing what to say when tapping w/ Nancy Forrester (Pod #472)

Update: 2020-07-29


Especially for beginners, and sometimes for more skilled tappers, knowing what to say and where to start is often the part of tapping that trips people up.

Just because we recognize the fact that the words themselves aren't magic and that there is no such thing as the perfect tapping phase, does not mean it's easy to start when we are experiencing a lot of mixed emotions all at once.

In this conversation Nancy Forester and I talk about a number of approaches and tools that you can use to start your tapping. These will ease you into tapping when you don't know where to begin and also help you to get more out of your tapping sessions each time you sit down.

If you enjoy this conversation, you should check out Nancy's Conscious EFT 101 which is a free five-part series introducing you to her trauma informed approach to safe and effective EFT.

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Guest: Nancy Forrester

Contact: web @

About: Nancy Forrester is a retired clinical psychotherapist, coach, international speaker, corporate consultant and Canada’s only Accredited Master Trainer and Trainer of Trainers in Emotional Freedom Techniques (often referred to as EFT or Tapping).

Since discovering the enormous power of Energy Psychology in the late 90’s, Nancy has been a passionate student, teacher and advocate of this advanced approach to transformation. Nancy blends a variety of research-based tools and modalities to maximize impact and is internationally recognized as a leading expert in integrating the most cutting-edge mind-body-spirit strategies for health and personal development into therapy and coaching work.

Nancy founded the National EFT Training Institute in 2012 out of a desire to bring EFT to a broad audience of professionals. NeftTI offers professional-level training, mentoring and certification to active psychotherapists, medical professionals, social workers, personal and business coaches, holistic practitioners as well as to people looking to transition to being transformational coaches. NeftTi’s trainings are renowned for their high standards, trauma-informed approach, high level of warmth and personal engagement as well as post-training involvement in a closely held community of like-minded practitioners.









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Not knowing what to say when tapping w/ Nancy Forrester (Pod #472)

Not knowing what to say when tapping w/ Nancy Forrester (Pod #472)

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