Nox Emesis

Nox Emesis

Update: 2020-05-29


On episode 517 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show: Sachem, Sarah, Jake, & Anthony from the band Nox Emesis joined Bill to introduce themselves to the scene. They formed just before the stay-at-home orders and haven't had a chance to play out yet.

Segment 1 with Nox Emesis

  • Where did the band name, Nox Emesis, come from?

  • What cartoon would you be in as a band, and which character would play each of you?

  • If you could sit on a bench for 1 hour with anyone from music history, who would you sit next to and what would be the only question you get to ask them?

  • You get to headline and internationally touring band, what 2 local bands would you take with you as openers?

  • Mark Gibson president of the non-profit venue, Club Radioactive asked, "How do we get young kids into live music?"

  • We did an individual musician introduction at this point of the show.

  • Christina of The Shadow Event asked, "How many songs do you have as a band?"

  • What would your dream, first show be?

Segment 2 with Sachem, Sarah, Jake, & Anthony

  • What would our traveling road tunes be, if I was tagging along on a tour with you?

  • If you were going to manage a band of hand picked musicians from the Pittsburgh scene, who would be in your band?

  • If you were in the movie, Rockstar, what band would you join?

  • Where can people find you online?

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Nox Emesis

Nox Emesis

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