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Numbers: Fourth Book of the Torah

Numbers: Fourth Book of the Torah

Update: 2021-03-02


While studying the Book of Numbers, we were able to break it up into 3  sections:
The Preparation, The Protest & The Promise.

Numbers is a book that was written to the second Generation of Israelites  whose parents passed away during the 40 years of wandering.  It shows what happens when Israel walks away from God's plan and will server as a warning in future books.

God is faithful to His promises but will let His people walk away and suffer the consequences.

After living in Egypt for so long, many of the Israelites had adopted Egyptian customs and idols, so these Levitical laws were needed to direct them back to God’s law.  In order to live in God’s holy place, the people have to become holy.  Thus, the book of Leviticus.  Despite Israel’s failures, God has provided a way for the Israelites sins to be covered so that He can live with sinful people in peace.

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Numbers: Fourth Book of the Torah

Numbers: Fourth Book of the Torah

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