DiscoverRevisionary PodcastOH, A BEAR! FT Ashley Gutermuth
OH, A BEAR! FT Ashley Gutermuth

OH, A BEAR! FT Ashley Gutermuth

Update: 2021-03-03


Ashley Gutermuth is a New Jersey-based stand-up comedian. She has appeared on ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jimmy Fallon where she was chosen by Jerry Seinfeld to win the ‘Seinfeld Challenge.’ Her high-energy, positive style of comedy is irresistible. Ashley’s comedy is focused on her unusual relationships and observations about life. Ashley has performed in the New York Underground Comedy Festival and in June 2020, won Blue City Comedy’s Comic of the Month competition, based in Boise, Idaho.  When Ashley is not performing stand-up or voice-overs, she is usually running and has a daily running streak that spans over six years. For running, tips, and comedy videos follow @Ashgutermuth on Twitter and Instagram or subscribe to her newsletter on

When she was a teenager, she dated the same guy for most of high school. I used to work at a movie theatre and I would save all my money and use it to buy him things. He loved video games so she saved up and for Christmas one year, bought him a PlayStation, tons of used video games, and a TV to play it on. It was way overkill but she was just trying to make him happy. She thought this was somebody that she was going to marry, she went to a small (less than 50 in my class) religious high school and just assumed that she would marry the first guy that she dated. So, he loved the gifts but then about three months later he broke up with her to date a woman whose sister he dated before her.  She was so devastated,  She told him that he couldn’t tell anyone for at least a month that they had broken up and had to return the PlayStation/tv. So, he had his Mom bring in everything and hand it to her in a grocery store bag.   She wouldn’t do that again, she feels bad about it now. A gift is a gift and she was just hurt. He ended up marrying that woman and having kids and she is thrilled for them. There is no way that it would have been a good idea for them to get married. He totally made the right call.


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OH, A BEAR! FT Ashley Gutermuth

OH, A BEAR! FT Ashley Gutermuth

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