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OODA for operational excellence (Ship It! #4)

OODA for operational excellence (Ship It! #4)

Update: 2021-06-02


This week on Ship It! Gerhard talks with Ben Ford, former Royal Marine and founder of Commando Development, about the OODA loop (observe, orient, decide, act). Shipping is just a small part of it. The OODA loop that you know is probably the wrong one. We explore Mission & Command, Situational Awareness and a few other practices that will help you deal with complexity as you code and ship. As a former Royal Marine Commando, Ben learned these skills the hard way, and then refined them over many years as a software engineer. Check out the diagrams in the show notes - they are a work of art and precision.

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Notes and Links

<figure class="richtext-figure richtext-figure--full">
Ben's OODA after John Boyd's original
<figcaption>Ben's OODA remake of John Boyd's original</figcaption>
<figure class="richtext-figure richtext-figure--full">
Ben's representation of OODA - my favourite
<figcaption>Ben's representation of OODA - my favourite 💙</figcaption>
<figure class="richtext-figure richtext-figure--full">
The OODA diagram that is easiest to remember
<figcaption>The OODA diagram that is easiest to remember</figcaption>








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OODA for operational excellence (Ship It! #4)

OODA for operational excellence (Ship It! #4)

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