DiscoverEuphometObscura 004 | Ghostland | Season Finale
Obscura 004 | Ghostland | Season Finale

Obscura 004 | Ghostland | Season Finale

Update: 2019-04-14


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This is OBSCURA, a look back at the stories of Euphomet Season One - this time, with Ghosts

On this edition - Jim Perry and Greg Newkirk explore a very haunted hotel together with a psychic medium just not embracing his powers and confronting his ghosts. Can the two help Wes understand the paranormal activity that constantly frightens and provokes him?

Wes lives in rural West Virginia - during a first season episode he told us about a strange mentor he had as a child. A guide to the way of the world. A friend who shared ancient wisdom. A shadow, that only he could see. 

Wes' original appearance can be heard on Euphomet Season One "Episode 016 Shadows" on this very podcast feed or at the link:

For more of Greg's work visit Traveling Museum Of The Paranormal & Occult | Planet WeirdHELLIER 

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JIM PERRY | @ItsJimPerry | Host, Executive Producer, Founder

GREG NEWKIRK | @nuekerk | Guest Host

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Obscura 004 | Ghostland | Season Finale

Obscura 004 | Ghostland | Season Finale

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