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Occam’s Razor | 3

Occam’s Razor | 3

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Kimberly Morgan was attracted to Christopher Duntsch from the moment she met him. He was charming and seemed destined for great things. But she also saw another side to him. Duntsch’s behavior led many people who came into contact with him to wonder: Was he an impaired physician? A terrible surgeon? Or a cold-blooded killer?

“Death Don’t Have No Mercy” performed by Delaney Davidson and Marlon Williams, courtesy of Rough Diamond Records.

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Comments (40)

Jess Hart


Jul 27th

graciela alva

soooo soooo many ads!!!!

Mar 23rd

Monique Melanson

really enjoyed this podcast thank you:)

Mar 14th


As an RN this disgust me. We get pts from surgery n it anything happens to pt in r care we also go in front of board and have to answer to r part in pt's care. I've questioned MANY DOCTORS and most r totally cool with just reviewing the "why" on their orders w/o reluctance EXCEPT SURGEONS, SURGEONS ARE GOD COMPLEX JERKS.

Jan 11th
Reply (1)

Nancy W

First Dr's diagnosis for Barry: "exercise and lose weight"... nope, a "quick fix" surgery of the SPINE was the path taken. What could be more simple than a prescription of: "eat less, move more"?

Sep 28th
Reply (1)

Obinna Nnanna

White privilege on fleek!!!!

May 17th
Reply (2)

Morgan Scott, Jr

This shit is wild.

Mar 29th

Mike Wang

OMG!They should be imprisoned.

Mar 19th

Jacky Silva


Jan 22nd

Thomas Irristen

none of this real, people

Dec 13th
Reply (2)

James Sheckles

really opened my eyes and mind for a line of questions when I let a surgeon fix my back

Nov 30th

Sakina Khambaty


Nov 16th

Karen Reynolds

Oh mercy! I had back surgery 6 years ago and I thought my surgeon was whack! All he did was operate on the wrong spot! Thank the Lord it wasn't this surgeon!

Oct 27th
Reply (1)

María Teresa

I know that hey need sponsors, but wow they have the worst timing I've ever heard

Oct 11th

Miss Rafferty

Every last one of these people- from his slutty "girlfriend" to the office staff to every other "professional" working with this butcher- are fu**ing DEPLORABLE. Baylor Plano should have been not only fined, but shut down for allowing this to continue, then to just send him to another hospital to become someone else's problem. It ends up being the PATIENTS' problem- they're the ones who suffer. ANY one of these people could have complained to the medical board- but NONE did. Oh well, not their body, not their life, not their family so who cares? They should all be forced to undergo Duntsch's butchery.

Oct 3rd
Reply (4)

Heather Boylen

z z z z z z z z z z z z z z zz,0

Oct 3rd
Reply (3)

Brian Lee

So many commercials!!

Oct 1st


ziyabg is good

Sep 28th


OMG this is so scary

Sep 20th

Patrick McIntosh

I know exactly what happened...He got a free pass in med school by figuring out how to turn their Stem cell research into a multi million dollar business. It is obvious

Sep 13th
Reply (1)
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Occam’s Razor | 3

Occam’s Razor | 3