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Off Grid Power For Winter Field Day

Off Grid Power For Winter Field Day

Update: 2021-01-29


On this week's episode of Ham Radio Crash Course, a podcast discussing amateur radio, hosted by Josh Nass, KI6NAZ and his no license wife, Leah, we talk about how not to radiate yourself, podcast corrections, read and answer some emails including some about VHF propagation opening alerts with Adam K6ARK, Noise Blanker and Notch Filter corrections from last week.


Ham Radio Minute: Don’t Radiate Yourself, Bro/Sis! Here is the website mentioned in this segment to calculate radiating distance:
Here is the link to the adapters mentioned. (These are affiliate links.)
SMA to BNC adapter for SMA female radios (Japanese radios, ICOM, Yaesu, etc.):
SMA to BNC adapter for SMA male radios (Chinese radios, baofeng, etc.):
Signal Stuff Signal Stick

Podcast Reviews: We, like, really like reviews. Thanks for those iTunes ratings. They help the podcast reach more people to grow the hobby! 
Leah’s Email Corner: We talk about final comments on the FCC fees. We also talk about VHF propagation opening alerts from Adam K6ARK. Follow him on YouTube at He recommends and . 
We also talk show ideas including foreign ham licenses, how we can get Leah to pass the test, noise blankers and notch filters, getting ham spouses licensed, and radios use on long car drives. 

You can email Leah if you want something discussed on the podcast at
Technician Crash Course: Leah finishes one more test and reveals that she’s actually been studying out of the pure fear of disappointing Gordon West. 
Drinks: We fancy it up this week with a Cabernet Sauvignon, that repeatedly tells us how great it is, from Bellacosa. 
Show topic: Josh talks about his off grid power accessories for Winter Field Day or anytime, from powering radios to laptops and other electronics. 
Jackery: (Affiliate Link)
Buddipole Power Mini:

Thank you all for listening to the podcast.  We have alot of fun making it and the fact you listen and send us feedback means alot to us!  

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Off Grid Power For Winter Field Day

Off Grid Power For Winter Field Day

Josh Nass KI6NAZ