Ojos Rojos

Ojos Rojos

Update: 2020-08-01


Hair Metal Mixtape #132 - Bloodshot eyes. It's Saturday. Saturn's Day of Jamming with The Stones. We're loosening up because here comes the party. So raise your hands to makin' a mess because that sure feels good to me. Thanks for listening.

But first, some NEWS;


Stryper have released a lyric video for a new track off of their upcoming new studio album “Even The Devil Believes”

Which brings us to “Hear “N Tell”…..

So, this is Stryper’s new track from their recently released lyric video “Make Love Great Again” right here on Hair Metal Mixtape’s HEAR ’N TELL

Hear 'n Tell;

Stryper - "Make Love Great Again" - Official Lyric Video

That was Christian rockers Stryper consisting of frontman Michael Sweet, drummer Robert Sweet, guitarist Oz Fox and bassist Perry Richardson (of Firehouse) who have released this track you just heard “Make Love Great Again” as a new single lyric video from their upcoming new studio album Even The Devil Believes, which will be available via Frontiers Music Srl on September 4, 2020. Be sure to click the links in the show notes to see the video or just head to the ol’ YouTubes or click here > Frontiers Music Srl page.

…and that’s the news!

This is Hair Metal Mixtape where I bring you a half hour plus of my favorite and hopefully your favorite 70's Glam Rock, 80’s Heavy Metal, 90’s Hair Metal and some New Wave of Hair Metal, Sleaze Rock and everything that orbits around the universe in which we fondly call HAIR METAL. I hope you are maintaining your physical distance from your friends and loved ones for now and yet also engaging in social connectivity forever. Be kind, rewind. Peace, Love, Hair Metal!

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Ojos Rojos

Ojos Rojos

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