DiscoverUnbreakable InvestorOkta Customer Love, Twilio <Pay>, Buy The Trade Desk The Trade Desk
Okta Customer Love, Twilio <Pay>, Buy The Trade Desk The Trade Desk

Okta Customer Love, Twilio <Pay>, Buy The Trade Desk The Trade Desk

Update: 2019-05-28


Okta Chief Customer Officer, Krista Anderson-Copperman named one of the Bay Area’s Most Influential Women in Business.

I don’t know the criteria for making this list, but I found this important because Okta chose to highlight it on their company blog. I believe the best companies are focused on diversity and inclusion. Here’s a quote from Krista in the article:

As the Chief Customer Officer, I ensure that we are constantly living our core value “Love Our Customers” by providing a world-class post sales experience where customers solve real identity challenges and gain tangible value from the products Okta delivers. This includes professional services, education, support, the CSM function, and, of course, renewals because that is the ultimate measure of how successful our customers are with us.

Twilio announces general availability of PCI compliant payments over the phone

Twilio announced <Pay> at their SIGNAL user conference last year. Now it’s generally available to the public. I doubt this product itself will make a meaningful impact on Twilio’s numbers, but it shows they are continuing to innovate. That’s what we like to see in our companies.

<Pay> allows you to accept PCI compliant payments over the phone with a single line of code.

Before <Pay>, businesses needed to build their own PCI compliant payment systems with custom voice payment prompts, build a system for validation, and integrate with a third party for payment processing. After building, you would be subjected to yearly auditing for compliance.

<Pay> removes the need to jump through these hoops, allowing you to focus on building a secure voice payment experience that enables your customers to pay over the phone, anytime of day.

Inbox Health, an early adopter of <Pay>, is committed to improving the patient billing process; making the experience more transparent and personalized for providers and patients. They have found that embedding <Pay> in their Twilio-powered IVR has helped them drive efficiency and save on costs.

Before <Pay>, Inbox Health would have been required to “invest a lot more in PCI compliance than we otherwise had to,” says CEO Blake Walker.  “<Pay> allows patients to pay their medical bills over the phone when it works for them. In fact, 53% of patients are able to pay over the phone without needing to speak to an agent at all.”

5 Reasons to Buy The Trade Desk and Hold for the Long Term - by Danny Vena from The Motley Fool

Danny is one of my favorite writers. I love it when authors have what is called “skin in the game”. Danny owns shares of The Trade Desk which gives him skin in the game.

On a conference call late last year, The Trade Desk's CEO explained the company's significant advantage. "Because The Trade Desk does not transact indirectly identifiable consumer data and because we don't own a search engine, we can provide a Unified Open ID that enables advertisers to compare every destination on their media plan to every other destination objectively," Green said. "Our data and the data of our third-party partners cannot be directly associated with an individual. Data in The Trade Desk platform does not include names, phone numbers, or Social Security numbers, for example."

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Okta Customer Love, Twilio <Pay>, Buy The Trade Desk The Trade Desk

Okta Customer Love, Twilio <Pay>, Buy The Trade Desk The Trade Desk

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