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Oliver Peters, Editor/Colorist/Filmmaker

Oliver Peters, Editor/Colorist/Filmmaker

Update: 2020-02-10


Oliver Peters is a successful independent editor/colorist and workflow consultant. He talks with OWC RADiO host, Cirina Catania, about his five decades working in broadcast production and post, and offers a wealth of important tips for media producers at all levels.

If you work in commercials, corporate video, feature films or themed attraction entertainment, you will want to listen in!

And he has a unique spin, as he is conversant in many aspects of technology, including Adobe's Premiere Pro and Apple's Final Cut X.

Managing a studio with several editors involves a challenging workflow, including edit sharing, networking and remote collaboration. Oliver has answers!

If you’ve ever shot a scene with multiple types of cameras, you’ve faced a very specific problem: How do you get the colors to match from the different cameras?

At worst, color inconsistencies can become super distracting. For many, color matching simply makes everything look the same. Yet, if you’re a post-production legend like Oliver Peters, you take coloring of multi-camera shoots to the level of its own art form.

One look at his reel and you’ll immediately want to find out how Oliver makes everything looks so amazing.

Get ready for a veritable post-production master class, as OWC Radio host Cirina Catania gets into the details of making editing magic.

Find out more about an award-winning editor and colorist Oliver Peters: There you will also find links to his wide range of articles published in print and web publications.

For more about our host, filmmaker, tech maven and co-founder of the Sundance Film Festival, Cirina Catania, visit

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In This Episode

00:08 - Cirina introduces Oliver Peters, a successful independent editor/colorist and workflow consultant.05:37 - Oliver shares the cameras used for the Colorist Demo Reel video.10:30 - Oliver explains how cameras have different color sciences and shares the challenges of using different cameras for certain projects.15:19 - Oliver explains why media should be handled before uploading it to an editing system, like putting a valid timecode.22:35 - Oliver shares his blog where he wrote about different areas of workflow in the industry.28:23 - Oliver shares his recommendations for monitors with the best color grading display samples.36:37 - Oliver shares the price range of good quality display to perfectly-calibrated display TVs.41:02 - Oliver shares his workplace setup for an efficient media storage solution.47:16 - Oliver shares his opinion on LTO tapes in terms of practicality production wise.53:31 - Follow Oliver Peters’ blog to learn more from his various lessons, tips, and updates.

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This is Cirina Catania with OWC Radio, and I have Oliver Peters on the line. Oliver is one of these quiet, strong, intelligent, very humble, incredibly talented people who work in so many different areas of what I call the entertainment industry. Oliver, you are an editor, you're an amazing colorist, you're a post-production workflow consultant, you run an operation with several editors working with you at any one point in time. I even noticed you had done still photography, which is beautiful. We all know you're an incredibly creative writer, both in the tech and the creative side, and I guess I would also call you although I don't know if you've used this term or not, you're definitely an industry analyst because it's such broad-based knowledge. So I'm excited and welcome to the show.

Well, thank you for the big build-up there. Thank you very much.

It's just wonderful because I know we haven't prepared this. I can pretty much ask you just about any question...
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Oliver Peters, Editor/Colorist/Filmmaker

Oliver Peters, Editor/Colorist/Filmmaker

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