DiscoverHow'd It Happen PodcastOmar Shaikh, Leveraging Purpose to Lead a Community (#223)
Omar Shaikh, Leveraging Purpose to Lead a Community (#223)

Omar Shaikh, Leveraging Purpose to Lead a Community (#223)

Update: 2021-12-13


Hello everyone and welcome to another very interesting and insightful episode of the How'd It Happen podcast. In this episode, we have the Visit Milwaukee Chairman of the board, Omar Shaikh. He shares the culture that his restaurant has, Carnevor, and what makes it so great and successful through the years. Like many business owners, Omar had his share of challenges during the pandemic, but the business is thriving and doing way better. What are they doing right? Tune in to find out.

Milwaukee business owner and community leader Omar Shaikh is well-known for his award-winning restaurant Carnevor, one of the top-rated steakhouses in Wisconsin known for its amazing customer service and mouth-watering cuisine. He is also a partner in Wisconsin Ticket Concierge, O & B Consulting, and 3rd Street Market Hall at The Avenue and Tuk Tuk Chicago, a short-distance electric cab service. Omar has a passion for moving the city of Milwaukee forward through his active involvement in the community. He currently services as board chairman of VISIT Milwaukee and is a member of the Wisconsin Center District board of directors. Omar was one of the leading advocates to get approval for the long-awaited expansion of the convention center, which will greatly benefit hotels, restaurants and retailers throughout southeastern Wisconsin. 

He strongly believes in giving back to the community and is chairman of the Milwaukee Kitchen Cabinet, which has put together the ‘Three Days of Christmas’ initiative to provide holiday meals and gifts for non-profit groups for the past several years. Omar and his wife, Connie, have been leaders in raising money for the area’s non-profits and community groups, serving as co-chairs for several record-breaking fundraisers, including the Harry & Rose Sampson Jewish Community Center’s KidShare and Sharp Literacy’s ‘A Novel Event.’

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Carnevor Restaurant 
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Show notes:
[3:45 ] How'd it happen for Omar Shaikh?
[10:11 ] Carnevor Restaurant's environment
[14:34 ] Getting the business off the ground
[17:54 ] The culture of taking care of people—regardless of who they are
[23:55 ] On re-doing a business and the secret to keeping a business up and strong
[28:28 ] Diving deeper into Visit Milwaukee
[34:36 ] The challenge in getting the convention center
[38:11 ] What "crushing it" means for Omar when it comes to Visit Milwaukee and the upcoming groundbreaking convention center
[40:40 ] The attributes or characteristics that the next mayor of Milwaukee needs to have
[44:55 ] Omar's commitments for the future
[48:15 ] What the Food Haul is going to be and how Omar and his team are going to blow people away through experience
[53:49 ] On the lessons of partnerships
[1:01:15 ] Outro 

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Omar Shaikh, Leveraging Purpose to Lead a Community (#223)

Omar Shaikh, Leveraging Purpose to Lead a Community (#223)

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