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On Event Health & Safety with Janet Sellery

On Event Health & Safety with Janet Sellery

Update: 2022-12-01


In this episode, Janet provides us with a fantastic run-through of the fundamental health and safety considerations festivals and events need to incorporate into their operations. She also speaks to what we’ve learned from the pandemic and how we can ensure proper health and safety protocols carry forward and continue to evolve.

About Janet

Janet Sellery (CRSP, CHSC) is one of Canada’s leading experts in health and safety and the arts, entertainment, and live events. Janet is a former theatre stage manager. She is the Board Chair for Event Safety Alliance Canada and a board member for Event Safety Alliance (U.S.). Her work as a Health & Safety Consultant, with Sellery Health + Safety,focuses on customizing programs, training, and resources to reflect the constantly evolving and unique demands of the events environment. Janet is committed to “setting the stage for people to create their best work. Contact Janet at


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On Event Health & Safety with Janet Sellery

On Event Health & Safety with Janet Sellery

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