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On Insurance & Security Risk Management

On Insurance & Security Risk Management

Update: 2023-01-25


Protecting your staff, BOD, volunteers and attendees, as well as your physical and intellectual property is the most important component for any festival organization. It can be complicated, expensive and dangerous if the risks involved in event planning and production are not thoughtfully considered and strategically mitigated or prevented. On this episode we are joined by Scott Hill and Chris Wilson who will present on issues related to security risk management and insurance planning and purchasing. This information will support festivals producers with the knowledge required to make informed decisions about protecting their people and safeguarding their assets.

About Scott:

Scott is the founder and Director of Operations for 3D Security and Response Services (3DSRS). After working decades in the security industry, Scott noted many gaps between the professional needs of security clients and the training that was currently provided to the guards.

3DSRS was created with the mission statement to “Improve the perception and level of service of uniformed security by providing well trained, motivated, and professional guards to each assignment”. Since that time, 3DSRS has been an advocate of professional development by offering advanced training to all staff such as Verbal Judo / De-Escalation Communication, Mental Health First Aid, Emergency Procedures for Security Teams, and Event Security Overview (to name a few).

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About Chris:

Chris is a commercial risk manager with over 15 years of hands on experience in the industry. Chris provides advice on preventative best practices to mitigate hazards, review your current insurance policies to ensure coverage is appropriate, as well as help arrange customized insurance packages to ensure all risks of potential loss to your festival or event are considered.

Chris is also an expert in the field of cyber liability and data privacy. As events utilize advanced technology tools to manage tickets sales and gather data from visitors to better understand their attendees, the risk of cyber breach and data privacy liability is increasing. With his focus strictly on special events and cyber liability, Chris is well positioned to assist with this emerging risk.

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On Insurance & Security Risk Management

On Insurance & Security Risk Management

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