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On the Ground in Kenosha

On the Ground in Kenosha

Update: 2020-08-2738


This episode contains strong language.

The shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black father from Kenosha, Wis., by a white police officer has reverberated through the city, fueling protests and unrest. There have been marches and demonstrations, as well as instances of destruction: businesses and property set alight, fireworks launched at the police.

On Tuesday night, a group of armed men, who claimed to be there to protect the community, arrived. Three protesters were shot, two of whom died. Kyle Rittenhouse, a white 17-year-old from Illinois, is suspected of being the gunman.

We speak with Julie Bosman, a national correspondent for The Times, about what is happening in her hometown.

Guest: Julie Bosman, a national correspondent for The New York Times.

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Comments (34)

Jonathan Petherbridge

The voice you hear in this episode saying "shoot me ni**a" is the voice the 1st guy that was shot (easy to find footage of this). He is white and he is saying it to the mixed race group led by a black guy, but everyone thinks the kid is racist?

Aug 28th

Robin Bolt

Wow! Unbelievable that you put this episode out without knowing anything about Jacob Blake. He was charged with sexual assault of a 15 year old! Along with several other charges! He was a thug! Here is a concept....if the cops have their guns drawn and tell you to stop, how about you stop and put your hands up! I’m so sickened by this bias reporting. It’s disgusting.

Aug 28th
Reply (10)

Top Clean

HAIL AGOLF TWEETLER .!. (^^,) In this UNPRECEDENTED time, this country have been UNPRESIDENTED sins 2016.!. (^^,) Governing by the Trump Crime Family. “I cannot tell a lie.” - George Washington “I cannot tell the truth.” - Donald Trump “I cannot tell the difference.” - Trump voter Muslims—Banned Mexicans—Rapists Africa—Shithole countries Immigrants—Infestation & animals NFL players who kneel—Sons of Bitches Qanon and Nazis—Very fine people. Trump is a lifelong racist. His entire presidency is based on racism. Denial of racism IS racist. ... And they all KNEW.!. These Conservative & Republicans knew. Ted Cruz knew. Rand Paul knew. Nikki Haley knew. Marco Rubio knew. Kellyanne Conway knew. Mike Pompeo knew. Glenn Beck knew. Rick Perry knew. Susan Collins knew. The RNC stands for the Republican Nasty Convention. You won't be able to keep track of all the lies told during this nasty, Un-American event. We lie, we cheat, we steal.... even internationally brought to you from Israhell.!. ... This is why TrumPOTUS and QAnon is so dangerous. It's absolutely a 45-Virus spreading to the rest of the world too. Cops Let Kenosha Shooter Walk Away So The Internet Did Their Job For Them. How can the sheriff characterize a 17 year old unlawfully carrying a weapon (18 is the legal age) "Attempting to resolve the conflict.".?. ... Climate Disruption.!. Live close to the coast, you're a ghost. Live on the land, you're in the frying pan.

Aug 27th
Reply (13)

Jonathan Petherbridge

Anker says crowd trying to "grab and stop" 17yo. if you watch the footage they stomp on him, hit him in the head with a skate board and point a gun at him.

Aug 27th
Reply (6)

ken jackson

what a damm shame what's going on there

Aug 27th








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On the Ground in Kenosha

On the Ground in Kenosha