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One Life. One Shot. Give It All You Got!

One Life. One Shot. Give It All You Got!

Update: 2020-10-28


This is one man’s journey to be a well-rounded gamer.

To have it all in health, wealth, and relationships.

It’s a unicorn for sure…or in this case a unicorn werewolf.

You’ve probably had family members, friends, and loved ones say something to the effect of, “When are you going to stop playing video games and make something of yourself?”.

I’ve certainly experienced this and it hurts. It really does.

If you’ve been a gamer for life, everything you’ve ever achieved has been done while gaming.

How can they not see that?

You sit there quietly without conflict when they spend hours upon hours vegging out on Netflix, living vicariously through sports, and being brainwashed by the fearmongering of the evening news only to be berated when it comes time for you to have your leisure activity.

Sure there are times where the games must go on the backburner to achieve what you really want…but more than anything you want to prove yourself right.

You only have one life to do it in.

They’ll say life is not a game.

I beg to differ…life is a game of survival. You play til you don’t, but it’s up to you to THRIVE.

Here’s the thing…

It’s not up to them to see it. They probably never will.

The only thing that you can do is have your results speak for themselves.

In order to be a Unicorn Werewolf, a truly well-rounded gamer who has it all, it takes a level of dedication and discipline that most can only dream of and wish for.

Are you up to the challenge?

If you’re not satisfied with what your body looks like and is capable of…

If you’re not satisfied with your bank account…

If you’re not satisfied with your part in your closest relationships…

It’s up to you to acquire the skills and knowledge. Then it’s up to you to fail long enough to gain the wisdom needed to succeed.

You can do this!

By the way,

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One Life. One Shot. Give It All You Got!

One Life. One Shot. Give It All You Got!

Marty White