One Word - #491

One Word - #491

Update: 2021-01-01


Such a powerful podcast here that I went on some fired-up thoughts about this topic today.  One Word!  One word about 2020 that describes the year for us and one word about 2021 that maybe we are looking for the new year.  This was one of the more powerful shows for me personally for what today is for me.  It started out with a quick errand to pick up a few things at the market along with getting gas for my car and then a powerful & inspirational Zoom call with our group The Difference Makers over some coffee this morning.  Then I had a great walk with our dog in the sun after that, where I got to think about more and more what I’m grateful for, excited for, etc.  So the ones that reached out to my social media posts and their responses to their thoughts of a word for 2020 and for 2021.  These are some powerful words that I wanted to share with you.  I think you fill find some great value from all of the “teachers” in my life… all of these Difference Makers that I’m blessed to have connections with.  Great stuff to start off 2021!  Thanks for listening.  Please take a few moments to subscribe & share this with someone, also leave a 5 Star rating on Apple Podcasts and ITunes or other services where you find this show.  Find me on Facebook:   on Twitter:  @coachtosuccess   and on Instagram at:  @coachjohndaly  - My YouTube Channel is at: Coach John Daly.   You can also head on over to and get in touch with me there on my homepage along with checking out my Top Book list too.  Other things there on my site are being worked on – especially my blog page where I am back to blogging now.    









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One Word - #491

One Word - #491

Coach John Daly