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Oneirology Part 1 (DREAMS) with G. William Domhoff

Oneirology Part 1 (DREAMS) with G. William Domhoff

Update: 2023-01-04


WHY do we dream? What do dreams mean? What parts of our brain are working after-hours? We sought out UC Santa Cruz researcher and professor Dr. G. William Domhoff, a world expert on the topic, for this dream-come-true episode. Learn about historical dream research, dream researchers collect dream reports, how neurodivergence affects dreaming, why you should set an alarm to go to bed, how remembering dreams can help solve problems, and more about REM myths! We’ll be back next week to answer all your questions and dig even deeper. Also teeth dreams: WHY. 

Dr. G. William Domhoff’s book: The Neurocognitive Theory of Dreaming

His website:

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A donation will be made toward dream research at UC Santa Cruz 

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Oneirology Part 1 (DREAMS) with G. William Domhoff

Oneirology Part 1 (DREAMS) with G. William Domhoff

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