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Opening Your Eyes To Music With EYESITE

Opening Your Eyes To Music With EYESITE

Update: 2022-09-22


Forging a career in music hard enough, but try doing it while still at high school and it becomes near impossible.
But try telling that to the four lads from Kingscliffe High School that make up hard rock outfit Eyesite and they will shoot you a wry smile with a tone behind it that suggests they have it covered.
Formed before any of the members had turned 18, Eyesite have already done the hard yards, playing from Brisbane to the Gold Coast wherever they can, in the process building a steady fan base that will only grow following the release of their single Cold Shoulder and forthcoming debut album later this year.
That plus the fact all four finish their teenage schooling duties this November adds up to one hell of an exciting future.
HEAVY sat down with Jordan Green (bass), Harris Brooker (vocalist, rhythm guitar and Flynn Thompson (drums) to find out more.
"It was originally a riff that we started off with that we'd had for ages," Brooker explained of the genesis of Cold Shoulder. "We ended up making it into something at a jam session. We've been practicing it at Jordan's place every Monday when we get together. It's basically about thinking people are judging you all the time, but they really don't give a fuck."
In the full interview, the boys run through Cold Shoulder in greater detail, the other songs planned for release before the album, the musical direction of the full length, recording in Byron Bay with Cameron Lockwood, rehearsing with Paul Dover at Round Mountain Studios, being in a band while still at school, plans for the future, upcoming shows and more.








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Opening Your Eyes To Music With EYESITE

Opening Your Eyes To Music With EYESITE

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