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Optimizing Your Quantum Biology with Carrie Bennett, MS

Optimizing Your Quantum Biology with Carrie Bennett, MS

Update: 2023-01-30


Hi friends! This episode is all about optimizing wellness by understanding the mitochondria, how it does so muchore for us than just making ATP- we discuss morning light and circadian alignment, melatonin,grounding, red light therapy, exclusion zone water or EZ water, cold  therapy and how these affect the mitochondria’s efficiency and function! 

With multiple degrees in biology, nutrition, and bodywork Carrie's relentless enthusiasm to learn has made her one of the leading educators in the emerging field of quantum biology. She combines deep research & clear explanations of the complex quantum mechanisms at play in the human body to teach you how to use light, water, and nature to thrive. Carrie is a sought-after speaker and guest lecturer.  She currently sees clients in her online practice. She is also the lead faculty member and on the Board of Advisors for the Quantum Biology Collective—the world’s premier certification for Applied Quantum Biology in clinical practice. Check her our on Instagram and on YouTube


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Optimizing Your Quantum Biology with Carrie Bennett, MS

Optimizing Your Quantum Biology with Carrie Bennett, MS

Vanessa Spina