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Orgasm Your Way to a Better Life with Kim Anami

Orgasm Your Way to a Better Life with Kim Anami

Update: 2022-07-16


Liberating Your Life Force Energy through Orgasm with Kim Anami

Welcome back Moms to this thrilling episode with the Vaginal Kungfu Master, Kim Anami. Join us today to learn why Kim's mantra is, "If I can do it, you can do it", and how she is fighting the status quo about sexuality and motherhood in Western cultures. From her wealth of knowledge, Kim educates us about how sex can be used to rebirth and recharge us, and how when you feel you don’t have the time for it is when you need it most! She takes us through what we should expect from our partners and how we can teach them to respect female sexuality (and more!). From the traumatic birth process to how mainstream medicine doesn't address the underlying cause, this episode has it all. We learn about Kim's journey to realizing that sexuality and God are not mutually exclusive concepts, and how she has learned to liberate her life force through orgasm. She takes us through her teachings and the courses available to listeners and gives personal advice on when you should demand more from your partner. Tune in to find out how self-realization equates to the Well-fucked woman, and why it is your right as a mother to embrace your sexuality.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Welcome to holistic sex and relationship coach, writer, and vaginal Kungfu master, Kim Anami. 
  • What “Anami” means in Sanskrit and how Kim identifies with it. 
  • How women are impacted by God and sexuality not meeting in western cultures.
  • Why you should see sex as rebirth and a chance to recharge. 
  • How the current birth process takes the power away from women and is a traumatic situation.
  • Defining the Well-fucked woman: what you don’t know you don’t know. 
  • Hear some of the highlights of Kim’s sexual savant salons.
  • Kim’s mantra: “If I can do it, you can do it”.
  • How Kim created her life through her vagina.
  • Why people latch onto the victim mentality and push back against the Anami Guarantee. 
  • Find out about the four orgasms for women-centered around the vulva and vagina: clitoral, G-spot, cervical and ejaculatory.
  • Liberating the life force energy through orgasm.
  • How bad sex takes women’s power away and what you can do to educate your man.
  • Resources to overcome the overarching narrative of women having sex to placate the man.
  • Find out how you can use sex to feel uplifted. 
  • The five courses Kim offers: Vaginal Kungfu; Coming Together for Couples; How to be a Well-fucked Woman; Sexual Mastery for Men; and Sexual Mama. 
  • What Kim’s courses can teach you about yourself and your partner. 
  • How Kim became the Vaginal Kungfu Master.
  • One take-away Kim wants you to remember from this episode. 

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Orgasm Your Way to a Better Life with Kim Anami

Orgasm Your Way to a Better Life with Kim Anami

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