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Our Favorite Books By Black Authors

Our Favorite Books By Black Authors

Update: 2020-06-03


This week we are using our platform to spotlight the incredible Black authors that we love. We have gathered some of our favorite books and also invited our past podcast guests ‘drop by’ to give their recs, too! We know that many people (including us!) are looking for ways to learn more about anti-racism, things that we can do, and ways to support the Black community in an active way. So we encourage you to pick up a book, share with your friends, buy from Black-owned bookstores, and continue to learn and grow.


We look forward to discussing these books with you in the facebook group!


Here is a link to a google doc with anti-racism resources that we mentioned. This was created by Tatum Dorrell, Matthew Herndon, and Jourdan Dorrell.


Here is a link to Black-Owned Bookstores too!


Books (all links are through The Lit Bar via



What we’re reading this week:


Buying from Black-owned bookstores (can buy through digitally):

  • The Lit bar in The Bronx
  • Sisters Uptown in Manhattan
  • Semicolon in Chicago
  • Afri Ware in Chicago
  • Mahogany Books in DC
  • Harriet’s bookshop in Philly
  • Uncle Bobbies in Philly
  • Hakim’s Bookstore in Philly
  • For Keeps Books in Atlanta
  • Marcus Books in Oakland
  • The Dock Bookshop in Fort Worth
  • ESO Won in LA


June Book Club Pick:





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Our Favorite Books By Black Authors

Our Favorite Books By Black Authors

Grace Atwood & Becca Freeman