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Our Summer Clothes are Rotting

Our Summer Clothes are Rotting

Update: 2020-07-212


From pitted out farm t-shirts to children who are wearing floods and snow boots in public... our clothing is SPENT from wind, sun and growth spurts.   WHAT are we gonna do with these slow fashion convictions and the reality of clothing ourselves and a growing family?

Nine 56 Studio - Welcome to our new sponsor Sustainable, luxury loungewear for homemakers, work-from-home mamas, and homebodies. (Sound familiar???). Chic, comfy styles you need to look and feel your best. We love their loungewear because it's ethically produced in the Midwest, sewn from organic cotton grown in the USA, garment-dyed with low-impact, non-toxic dyes, and shipped in eco-packaging.   From early morning strategy sessions at the kitchen table to chasing babes around the house, Nine 56 Studio luxury loungewear is created to help women find their work-from-home stride. Free shipping and return shipping in the US. Women-owned company. 
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What's We're Sipping

The “What We’re Sipping” segment today is brought to you by Dry Farm Wines. Dry Farms is a wine supplier that pairs organic, biodynamic, low-sugar, low-alcohol wines from all over the world with customers that share their love for organic, naturally and traditionally made wines. We love them because their wine is delicious, unfussy, and oh-so-good. 

Our love comment:
Lifewithelizabethwitte: “I listened to this episode back to back 2 times in order to fully grasp what I was hearing. The information and presentation was fabulous… chic if you will. I ‘ve sent it to everyone I know that drinks wine. Needless to say, for any and all entertaining purposes; this is what I will be serving my loved guests! BETTER NOT MORE!”

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Our Summer Clothes are Rotting

Our Summer Clothes are Rotting

Angela Reed & Shaye Elliott