DiscoverThe Afrocentrist PodcastOur top 6 skills for self improvement
Our top 6 skills for self improvement

Our top 6 skills for self improvement

Update: 2021-04-30


Today marks the end of season two and I am super excited because we have now moved to this awesome platform as well as introduced a co-host on the show.

Let me tell you a bit about my co-host Daniel

Daniel Enemuo popularly known as The Original Daniel is 22 years old and the firstborn of 5 children. He has spent most of his life as a freelance writer for websites worldwide and agencies like  Citizen news, MaameObolo, Zionite Online and Skillstodollarbills, from food blogs to general news to brand blogs and reviews. He is an outgoing person and an advocate for self-love.

He is also a TV  show host for Tales of High school live studio discussion on GTV in  Ghana, an artiste manager, stage and on-screen actor, model, radio and  TV presenter, Campus Ambassador for International Model UN,  entrepreneur, student of life and all-around nice guy.

He is an avid researcher, and his work has been published in Discover  Bangkok and many others. He has a history in the media fraternity of working in places like Asempa FM, Joy Prime TV, GTV and Adom TV.

Daniel currently works with a team to produce HEAR IT FROM CHINA show which airs on Adom TV every week and is managing a couple of websites.

Now that you have met my co-host how about I tell you what we shared on today's episode? 

The title already gave it away, and the reason for our choice is because the month ends today and is a perfect time to reflect as well as plan for the new month. So here are our top 6 skills for self-improvement that you should consider. 

1.  Communication skill 

2. Time Management skill

3. Customer service

4. Listening skill

5. Research skill

6. Reading Skill

I  hope that you got value from this episode. Please share your thoughts with us. Which of these skills will you be focusing on in May? Or what skill would you rather focus on? 

Looking forward to reading from you.  

 Have a lovely weekend and Happy new month in advance

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Our top 6 skills for self improvement

Our top 6 skills for self improvement

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