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Out Of The Wilderness With ANDREW McMAHON

Out Of The Wilderness With ANDREW McMAHON

Update: 2023-02-06


Interview by Erin Eddy
Andrew McMahon has lent his musical talents and name to many successful projects in a career
spanning almost 25 years, beginning with the iconic alternative pop-rock band Something Corporate, then moving on to the highly successful Jack’s Mannequin.
These days he’s mostly riding solo with his current project Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness.
This is not to say that he’s the only one behind the magical songs that are being produced under this moniker. Andrew took some time out of his day to speak with HEAVY and explained how much fun he had completing his soon to be released album, with the help from some close friends.
“Tommy English and Jeremy Hatcher who produced this record with me, they are dear friends and
are attached to some of the coolest music,” he says enthusiastically, “we just went in and partied on
these songs. Sonically it’s so fun and so adventurous because I had these brilliant producers and
engineers and we just kind of ran around the room like kids playing with toys. It was the best version of making something, just being with your buddies and having a blast.”
When asked what fans can expect of the new material Andrew replies with a laugh, “You almost
don’t really know what a record is until it’s made it’s way into the world and then people tell you
what it is.”
Andrew will be on Australian shores this month for three nights only playing Brisbane, Melbourne
then Sydney before jetting out again.
Listen to the interview to hear him explain to HEAVY what to expect from his upcoming shows, how
he looks at life as a professional musician as a cancer survivor, 40 th birthdays, and how not to die
when he comes to Australia!








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Out Of The Wilderness With ANDREW McMAHON

Out Of The Wilderness With ANDREW McMAHON

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