DiscoverA Date With DatelineOut of the Darkness S.27 Ep.50
Out of the Darkness S.27 Ep.50

Out of the Darkness S.27 Ep.50

Update: 2019-08-222


Sir Mankiewicz brings his pocket squares and expressive eyebrows to Texas for a wild ride down Country Road 2595. Kimberly and Katie have some choice expressions of their own as they dive into the recap of Chacey (not to be confused with Chauncy the evil ghost baby from the Nintendo game Luigi’s Mansion) and her many luffers, as she tries to get away with murder in a muddy orchard. Along the way, K & K meet some cops they like, a mom they like and a cow that seems likable enough. So whats not to like? I am sure they’ll find something. Tune into this very, very, very, very special episode of A Date with Dateline to find out!

Official Description from NBCU: When a wife calls 911 to report her husband has been shot on a country road in Texas, officers rush to the scene. Could the dramatic police footage end up being key in the investigation? Josh Mankiewicz reports.

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Out of the Darkness S.27 Ep.50

Out of the Darkness S.27 Ep.50

A Date With Dateline- Kimberly and Katie