DiscoverHomemaker ChicOver the Guardrails and into the PITS!
Over the Guardrails and into the PITS!

Over the Guardrails and into the PITS!

Update: 2020-05-25


Something about Memorial Day and that official start of summer has us wanting to get our homes back in order, but it's going to take some major spreadsheets and intention.   No victims here!   This is our domain and it's time to make our "pitlists" and get to it!   Join us?

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We've got one more episode on Season One.  Thank you for making our new show a roaring success!    Because of YOU, Homemaker Chic is a top-rated Apple Podcast in the US and Great Britain!   We'll be celebrating Season One with a Live Stream Party, Friday, May 30th so make sure you're a Patron, we'll be toasting with our Dry Farm Wines and partying with YOU Karen!  Patreon is a way that you can show your love for our podcast by contributing $5 or $10/month and in return, we’re going to show OUR love with a digital copy of each of our cookbooks AND the new #pitlist PDF and.... Homemaker Chic spreadsheets for all your family chores!

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We have TWO LOVE COMMENTS this week:
wildoneshomestead: “Ok, I just listened to the last episode and had some questions about Ultra Feminine Friday… mainly, is a bra required? Because I don’t feel like I can make that happen. That particular torture device is saved for going out or when company is over.”

Dear Angela and Shay,
I have now listened to your podcast on ‘Before the basics’ at least 5 times.
Something in this particular episode resonates with me.
I am a “new” mom to an almost 2 year old girl whom I have at home with me. In Denmark that is NOT normal. 90 % of children is in daycare from 9 month old until school at 5/6 yo. Anyways what I wanted to say was that I feel I have found my tribe in you. So thank you for sharing everything!
We are remodeling our farmhouse, do to a discovery of a nasty black mold lurking in between the floor separation. We had to move out and into a rented flat 5 km away. It’s a wonderful place but it is new, totally new and almost without soul, it feels. Where to start? At the same time I have my gardens at the farm, the farmhouse to maintain in a okay state and a toddler to keep up with. Overwhelmed is not an exaggeration! But when you talked about making the home HQ everything fell in place.
Yes we have our farm and all that, but where we are now, where we eat almost all our meals (if not at the farm with a packed lunch), where we sleep, has to be our base our HQ. And that made my head spin a little less. So thank you!
Please make lots more of these episodes on homemaking ‘how to’ 
Cheers, Marie

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Over the Guardrails and into the PITS!

Over the Guardrails and into the PITS!

Angela Reed & Shaye Elliott