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Overcoming a Bad Relationship with Money with Jackie Porter

Overcoming a Bad Relationship with Money with Jackie Porter

Update: 2020-08-11


What's your relationship with money?

Can I be honest with you for a moment? I feel like I knew nothing about money too. In today's episode, Jackie shares some real truths about your financial journey. There will definitely be some questions that you may want to ask your spouse, your parents, and even your children in order for us to change the bad relationships we have had with money.

The bad money relationship left us not knowing...
~ How to handle it
~ What it really took to get it
~ What it took to keep it
~ How to invest it

When we share these money truths there is no need to feel ashamed. Having a confidant who we can have an honest dialogue with about money can be what helps you to break through the financial barriers. It saves us from having to learn a lot of money lessons the hard way.

"I had an immigrant mother who basically taught me how to work hard for my needs, but never how to make money work for me."

Having financial security became a top priority for Jackie as she entered the finance industry. Working multiple jobs to "make ends meet" was what she, and many of you, grew to understand as the right way to make money. This quest for a better understanding of money led Jackie to build her own seven-figure business.

What are some of the common muddy myths you have received from
- Your parents
- Your school
- Your neighborhood
- Social Media
- Your Friends

We are learning more and more that many of those we saw "flossing" was actually broke. Social media influences share stories of having tons of followers but not making enough money to pay their bills. Following the masses will have you buying and spending instead of saving and investing.

Conversations matter when it comes to shifting your relationship with money. Talk to someone who is making the money that you wish to make and take note of how the conversation may differ from a finance conversation with a friend. Books like "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" shifted how we look at conversations around money.

Where do you start?

Know your numbers - when you take a look at your assets and revenue it light a fire within you
Get help - and no I am not talking about that Aunt that does everyone's taxes. Talk to a financial planner.
Look at your expenses - Now is a great time to slash bills and get rid of unnecessary payments (Yes, that includes the cable or gym sometimes)
Make a commitment - to your family, your business, your clients and to you

This may also require you to get comfortable with the "B" word...budget! (Jackie loves calling it a spending plan because of the negative feeling that comes with the word budget) This allows you to make room for crisis situations as well. When we are better prepared we tend to spend less than when we are emotionally charged by an unplanned event. It opens up the opportunity for us to live below our means in order to live however we want to later on.

Meet Jackie:

Jackie is an awarding winning financial planner, best selling author and speaker who has helped thousands of clients grow their net worth, build a fortress around their finances, and keep more of their cash in their pocket!

She has been featured on CBC, Sun TV, and BNN. Jackie is also a regular contributor to Investment Executive, Wealth Professional, and The Globe and Mail. Jackie recently named Mackenzie Female Trailblazer of the Year for 2019. Co-author of Single by Choice & Chance, Jackie is a leading expert in women and money, and a powerful voice in the world of women's financial empowerment.

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Overcoming a Bad Relationship with Money with Jackie Porter

Overcoming a Bad Relationship with Money with Jackie Porter

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