DiscoverA New DirectionOvercoming the 4 Hidden Challenges of Communication
Overcoming the 4 Hidden Challenges of Communication

Overcoming the 4 Hidden Challenges of Communication

Update: 2023-03-22


If there is one truth in the world is that when it comes to communication we are not doing very well. Let's be honest as problems increase, as we draw more verbal lines in the sand, the only solution that can solve the problem is more effective communication.  And yet communication with each other seems to be a greater challenge.

We all know in our business and personal lives that poor communication leads to numerous problems. We want to believe that we are great when it comes to our communication...and yet...we often seem to miscommunicate.  But how often do we say things in the wrong way, want to prove that we are right, or maybe we hide ourselves from the conversation, rationalize with negativity, or not give our best effort in our communications with others. The fact is we all need to do better and we can do

A Communication Book for Everyone

Communication expert Michelle Gladieux joins this episode of A New Direction to help us "Communicate with Courage" and do it in a way that makes us more effective with others, create clarity, and face the fears and take the risks with courage to overcome our communication fears and challenges.

Michelle' Gladieux's book "Communicate with Courage: Taking Risks to Overcome the Four Hidden Challenges" is an insightful look at the multi-faceted diamond of communication.  The book addresses many questions, such as: What kind of communicator are you really?  What do others think of you as a communicator?  How does your personality play a role in your communications?

Of the four basic challenges of communication which one or ones do you struggle with most?  Are you "Hiding"?  Do you Define to be "Right"? Are you one who Rationalized to the "Negative"?  Perhaps you communicate to just be "Good Enough"?  Whatever your communication challenge Michelle Gladieux and Communicate with Courage gives you a clear path to overcoming fears and taking the risks that are critical to better business and personal relationships.

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Overcoming the 4 Hidden Challenges of Communication

Overcoming the 4 Hidden Challenges of Communication

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