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Update: 2018-08-30


One of the most widely held myths is that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. The idea is that as you get older, you become more set in your ways, habits, thoughts, etc and you become too old to learn new skills or to change and become better today than you were yesterday.

I have heard it so often in business and in life in general that it almost makes me ill just hearing it.

You see the fact is, it is never to late to change. You are never to old to learn something new and become the best you could possibility become.

Novelist and poet, Mary Anne Evans aka George Eliot, said, 'Its never too late to be what you might have been.'

Episode 015 Show notes:

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PFA 023: #3 in the 11 most common rules to be awesome everyday is to ignore the little man
So what do I mean by ignoring the little man?No matter what it is you want to do in life, whether personally or in business, you will always have people around you who are negative about you and what you are doing. You know, those people who will say things like, 'You can't do that' Or 'That market is already over traded and no-one will see you.' Or 'Who do you think you are that people will take notice of you?'That is the person I am talking about when I say the little man. The person who puts you down. The person who can't see themselves doing it, so can't see you doing it, whatever it is. They may be your family or your friends. They could be your colleagues at work. It may be your spouse or partner. There is no gender stereotype.They are just people who don't think you are capable of changing, of chasing your dream, of becoming more than you are, of reaching your financial goal. And they often want you and everyone else to know their opinion.I am fairly sure you know the people in your life right now that I am talking about. I can actually name them as I sharing this with you. And they are family. They are friends. They are people I know in business.But here's the thing. The little man is not just other people. No, you can be your own little man. The words you use to describe yourself. The thoughts you think about yourself. All of these things reveal the little man within you.Episode 23 Show Notes: #11Rules #Educate #Inspire #Motivate #Empower #Podcast
PFA021: #2 in the 11 most common rules to be awesome everyday is to raise your standards
The #2 in the 11 most common rules to be awesome every day is to raise your standards.Have you ever wondered what separates high achievers from everyone else? What separates the extraordinary from the ordinary?If you asked 100 people, you are likely to get 100 different answers. And their answers will range anywhere from self-belief and wearing the exact same style of clothing every day to living with a sense of urgency and being lucky. Often when answering the question about what separates ordinary from extraordinary, you will hear someone invariably suggest the catchphrase, 'giving a little extra' or 'doing a little extra' with an emphasis on the word extra.But there must be more to what separates high-achievers or extra-ordinary achievers from everyone else. Think of this. If you are into sport and say you are a soccer fan. What separates players like Lionel Messi or Christiano Ronaldo? Or what separates quarterbacks like Tom Brady, Payton Manning or more recently Aaron Rodgers from the rest of the quarterbacks in the NLF? Equally, you could ask what separates Serena Williams, Steffi Graf or Martina Hingis from the other women's tennis players?Do they have more talent? Is it that they are more naturally gifted? Are they bigger or stronger or more skillful?In some cases yes and in many cases no. Some of these people are bigger and stronger and some of them have a little more natural talent then their fellow competitors, but I don't think that really is the answer. In all honesty, when you consider the very best high achievers in golf, cricket, rugby, football, tennis or soccer, the high achievers in law, accounting or engineering and in almost every field, it is not because they are stronger, smarter or more naturally gifted. It is not because they have been to the best schools, come from the best families or even have the most money.What I have noticed is that there is one overriding thing which separates the high achievers from everyone else and that is a constant drive to set and meet a high set of personal standards. You know, those expectations you have of yourself. The benchmark you set for yourself. Personal standards.Episode 021 Show Notes: #PersonalStandards #Mindset #Change #PersonalDevelopment #Motivation #WhatInspiresMe
PFA 019: #1 in the 11 most common rules to be awesome every day is change begins with your mindset
The #1 rule in the 11 most common rules to be awesome every day is that change begins with your mindset and that is what we will be talking about in today's episode of the Prepare For Awesome podcast.Mindset is a mental attitude which determines how you interpret and respond to situations you encounter. It is the preconceived ideas you have for the potential outcome in any given situation or set of actions. So, for example, if the government increase the tax rate on business, some people will see it as a disaster, while other people will see it as an opportunity to operate leaner and meaner. These differing viewpoints are due to conditioning and preconceptions, and that is due to a mindset.Another definition of mindset is a lens or frame through which the mind orientates us toward a particular set of circumstance, associations and expectations.You may have heard people say this person has a positive mindset or that person has a negative mindset. If you look at the results of their actions and the effect they have on those around them, you see a clear correlation to their way of thinking or mindset and the outcomes they achieve. Over the past 30 years or so a huge amount of research has been done regarding mindset, the mind, thoughts, etc with Professor Carol Dweck at the forefront of some of that research. Much of the research shows that generally in terms of ability, skill, product, service, etc, there is often very little difference between one entrepreneur, business person and another. The big differentiation between the massively successful entrepreneur and those who are not, between the great employee and the not so great employee, is mindset. The attitude toward everything which determines actions and results.Episode 018 Show Notes: #Mindset #Change #PersonalDevelopment
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