DiscoverCrime JunkiePRECEDENT: Amber Hagerman
PRECEDENT: Amber Hagerman

PRECEDENT: Amber Hagerman

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When Amber Hagerman was abducted in 1996 there was a witness who saw a man and a distinctive car near where she was taken. But there was no way to get this information out to the mass public in time and to this day the mystery of what happened to Amber still remains. But her story changed the way the country handles child abductions and a precedent to issue an Amber Alert in situations like hers, was made.


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Cassie Buss

Listening to this episode at work and as soon as Ashley starts getting choked up on words at the end i start crying into my lunch. Justice for Amber! Justice for ALL!!!

Jul 11th








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PRECEDENT: Amber Hagerman

PRECEDENT: Amber Hagerman