Para Bellum PARS548

Para Bellum PARS548

Update: 2021-01-01


Terry Blair of Para Bellum joins Bill to discuss his band Para Bellum, their single "I Die Alone", and upcoming tracks; among other topics.

Featuring music from: Royal Honey, Stone Cold Killer, Black Ridge, Para Bellum, The Redlines, Dying Breed, 13 Saints, Half Wheel, & Murder for Girls

Segment 1 with Para Bellum

Para Bellum means "for war" in Latin and also refers to a firearm cartridge. I know from past conversations with you that every member of the band has a military background, how does that play into the story of the formation of the band?

I know that you're headed to the studio at Rattle Clack Entertainment next week, and earlier today, I got a little behind the scenes listen to some of the things that you'll be recording, can you talk a little bit about how you decide what songs to cover and the theme behind your originals.

What is your writing process like?

You've been on my shows enough to know the drill, tell me something about the song, I Die Alone.

Segment 2 with Terry

During the pandemic, this might be the hardest question I ask, but what does the future hold for Para Bellum?

Can you tell me about the point in the time that you wanted to be a musician?

Who is your Dave Grohl?

Who would you put in a band that you were going to manage?
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Para Bellum PARS548

Para Bellum PARS548

William Domiano