DiscoverThe LandscapeParalympics - 360 View (5 Interview Segments)
Paralympics - 360 View (5 Interview Segments)

Paralympics - 360 View (5 Interview Segments)

Update: 2021-09-05


The Paralympics aren't just "games", or even only a movement. It's people, it's business, it's health, it's raising expectations, it's education and more. This episode features some of my favorite moments from five episodes I've conducted over the past year and a half. Each segment gives a different perspective of the Paralympics and hopefully you'll walk away entertained, educated and contemplative. You can find the full episode of each segment in the links below!

Oz Sanchez - 6 time Paralympic Medalist and the winner of multiple gold medals speaks about mental health and the man behind the medals. Full Episode HERE.

Gabriel Mayr - Speaks about some differences he learned between the Brazilian and American Paralympic Movements while he spent time with a mentor in Colorado Springs. Full Episode HERE.

Gary Pate teaches us all we need to know about Wheelchair Rugby, also known as murderball. As you know, this is one of my favorite sports!! Full Episode HERE.

Amy Truesdale speaks about her success in Para Taekwondo, as well as her preparations leading up to her bronze medal in the very first games to feature the sport. Full Episode HERE.

Lakeshore Foundation was the very first certified Paralympic training facility in the country. Their former President Jeff Underwood speaks about their youth programs. You can hear Full Episode HERE

See everyone in a few months! 

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Paralympics - 360 View (5 Interview Segments)

Paralympics - 360 View (5 Interview Segments)

Naveh Eldar / Amy Truesdale / Oz Sanchez / Gary Pate / Jeff Underwood / Gabriel Mayr