DiscoverParent Pod from BabyCentreParent Pod from BabyCentre - 38 weeks pregnant
Parent Pod from BabyCentre - 38 weeks pregnant

Parent Pod from BabyCentre - 38 weeks pregnant

Update: 2020-02-031


Has nesting instinct kicked in for you this week? While it’s exciting to get your home ready for your baby, try to get as much rest as possible. Listen in to find out why taking it easy is so important. In this episode we also answer a question you may have been too afraid to ask – ‘How do I cope with doing a poo after the birth?’ Plus, we'll be talking about what to expect from your body in those first few days and weeks after the birth and hear about what BabyCentre mums have experienced.

The Parent Pod is hosted by Lucy Toseland-Bolton and Claire Mutimer, both mums to young children and both BabyCentre parents. It is produced by BabyCentre UK and Tin Shed Productions. Download all 48 episodes now.

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Disclaimer: The podcasts don’t replace medical advice and you should always speak to your own doctor, midwife or clinician if you have any concerns.

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Parent Pod from BabyCentre - 38 weeks pregnant

Parent Pod from BabyCentre - 38 weeks pregnant