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Parents, Love Who You Love.

Parents, Love Who You Love.

Update: 2020-10-09


Being from an older generation is NOT an excuse to remain stagnant in our beliefs, mindset, understanding and language.  It does present some obstacles, but when your desire is to seek unity, love, growth and the betterment of those you love and our society, you WILL seek to grow, change and understand.On this week’s episode Punam Saxena, the host of the podcast edu-Me, joins me and shares, from a parent’s perspective, her journey when her son came out as gay. Punam shares their response, how they came together as a family (even family in India), she shares her errors, her concerns then, now and going forward.  We discuss the important of not judging based on character traits, we discuss the dehumanization of people and groups, biases and perceptions. We discuss SO MUCH!! She shares some insight for parents addressing similar issues as well.At one point, I even disagree with Punam!  (Eeeek) That's Not Proper can be found on all podcast platforms!! Please Subscribe, Share and Review!Email Cori : cori@thatsnotproper.comThat’s Not Proper Website: Looking to be a guest or have a great topic you'd love to hear me cover? Click the link below and fill out the form or forward it to someone you know who would be an amazing guest! I’d love to connect with you here and on Instagram and Facebook! Let me know your thoughts on this episode!That's Not Proper Instagram:'s Not Proper Facebook:


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Parents, Love Who You Love.

Parents, Love Who You Love.

Cori Asuncion