DiscoverParking Thought#ParkingThought & the George Floyd #Protests | 135
#ParkingThought & the George Floyd #Protests | 135

#ParkingThought & the George Floyd #Protests | 135

Update: 2020-05-31


Finding ways to be grateful in chaos isn’t just possible, it’s a really good strategy.

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This is not the episode I planned on recording or writing to start of the week, but after seeing the news I think it’s an important one to get out there.

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I want to help people see and learn why they’re frustrated and what they can do about it. Sometimes when we ask for a solution we get a solution we don’t want in response. This would be like praying and generically asking for a blessing. Then, when the blessing comes we reject it because it wasn’t what we were expecting.

Even worse we get frustrated where we do something we regret.

We don’t know all the facts. No one does. We have processes to get enough facts for our systems to work and no more than that. We must trust the process to work. We need to be patient and patience is hard.

We’ve spent decades training our police force to respond to violent criminals and created a system that teaches them to make quick judgements but escalate quickly. I’ve received some of that training while I was in the military. Some would argue that we’ve militarized our police.

At the same time we’ve militarized our police and trained them to go after violent criminals we’ve been asking politicians to make more things that are nonviolent crimes. The war on drugs in an excellent example of this. As much as I don’t want people to consume things that are harmful making that process illegal causes a great deal of harm.

There are some other things we’ve made illegal as well with nearly hilarious results. In most states its illegal to cut hair without a license. Since many barbershops were closed this raised an important question, have you committed a crime for cutting someone’s hair at home without a license? The answer, according to the law, was a simple yes—but of course it wasn’t enforced.

While haircuts are a pretty innocuous example the fact still remains. It’s on the books as illegal, and we have an entire system to train our police force to stop illegal behavior. Those who choose not to are doing so despite the system, not because of it.

The hinge points for addressing these issues aren’t to be found by looting or violence. The levers that need to be pulled are ones of gratitude, love, and trust. Trust others to generally do the right thing. Reduce the petty laws that make us all nonviolent criminals. Let the police focus on what they’re trained to do: arresting the behavior of violent actors.

For all of those with passionate emotions on every side of this situation I wish you the best of luck being thoughtful as you work through those emotions. Remember to see the good in the world and you find ways to help us make it better.

Again, not the episode I’ve been working on, but one that might be timely. I’m grateful I can share my thoughts with this audience. You’re a part of my recipe for gratitude.

Speaking of your recipe for gratitude, feel free to share in the comments below.
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#ParkingThought & the George Floyd #Protests | 135

#ParkingThought & the George Floyd #Protests | 135