DiscoverPeak Human - Unbiased Nutrition Info for Optimum Health, Fitness & LivingPart 50 - Fredrik the Sami Reindeer Herder Live From the Arctic Circle
Part 50 - Fredrik the Sami Reindeer Herder Live From the Arctic Circle

Part 50 - Fredrik the Sami Reindeer Herder Live From the Arctic Circle

Update: 2019-08-081


Live, from the arctic circle, please welcome Fredrik Prost. This is such an interesting episode. One day I’m watching epic nature shows from NatGeo about a group of people subsisting in the freezing arctic tundra on nothing but reindeer and fish, the next day I’m talking to one of them.

He originally contacted me to politely correct me on something I mentioned in a post on Instagram that I read in a study about his people. The study claimed that sometimes the reindeer were too lean for them to get enough fat to eat. That’s not the case he said. They boil the heads to get all that good fat from the brain, eat the bone marrow, and even eat the hooves. There’s always enough fat on an animal.

We talked about this and so much more. He told me how his people are being affected by anti-meat activists. He told me about his parents early demise due to (in his mind and mine) the bread and sugar they began eating and going away from their native diet. He told me about their lost traditions and the ones they keep. He told me about the steady decline in lifespan and healthspan that drops markedly over each generation.

This is one of those rare treats where we get a window into another world. I don’t know if any other one of his people have given a podcast interview and he told me he plans to not ever do one again. Please stay tuned for this one to the very end, it’s a good one... 

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I know it’s a bit more expensive to eat grass finished, really well-raised meat. I’m having trouble affording it myself. I mean, I don’t even eat all my own product. Like I’ve said many times, there’s no money in well-raised meat. There’s just no profit margin. I should be just selling some keto snack bar or supplement and might be able to afford grass finished meat and ultra sustainable wild caught seafood for every single meal.

This is just the price it takes to get animals from calves to slaughter to your door. If you go to costco and see frozen ground beef patties with a label saying grass fed for a couple more dollars than conventional beef, I’d be highly suspect. All cows are grass fed for much of their life so some of these labels can be very deceiving. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Even when I go to my local farmers market where they drive the meat straight from their farm in a bunch of coolers, it still costs $20/lb at best for a ribeye.

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I’ve got some fun news - I’ve been asked to speak at a big food industry conference called Foodscape in Chicago at the end of September. I mention it in this episode. I’m going to do a presentation on why meat is a healthy part of our diet and actually beneficial for the environment. Then a vegan lady will giver her side, then we’ll have a friendly debate with a 3rd person who represents a vegan fake meat company. This is my dream come true! Most of the giant food companies will be there including Impossible Foods. I really hope to reach people in the audience and hopefully even in these big organizations and have them hear the other side. It will be interesting if they accept some of these counterarguments, or it is just about the money.

Well that’s all folks, as the cartoons used to say, here’s Fredrik sharing his words of wisdom from the North.


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  • Fredrik Prost lives in the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden
  • Where he lives is very remote, it’s 100 miles to the nearest town 
  • Every summer he herds reindeers 
  • It is a traditional way of living for the Saami to follow the reindeer 
  • That’s all they eat for months at a time 
  • Brian wrote a post about the Saami eating fish for fat because the reindeer was too lean but Fredrik reached out to correct him saying the reindeer are not too lean in fact it’s the fish are very lean 
  • Reindeer in the end of September are very fat 
  • In summer, they go out in the Tundra to follow the herds and mark the calves 
  • One herd can take up to 24 hours and they eat dried meat and traditionally would live in teepees they carry with them
  • His parents did it traditionally carrying the teepees around with them but now they stay in more of a camp
  • Herding has changed with modernization and civilization 
  • Environmentalists affected the use, trade, and sell of seal skin
  • Herding starts around 6pm depending on how many herds there are and how far away they are and can take all night to funnel them into a pen
  • By around 5-6am they will be calm and grazing on pasture in the large pen all day and they will start again the next day 
  • Fredrik describes how they find and follow the herd 
  • Herding goes on for about a month
  • When he isn’t herding reindeer, Fredrik makes handicraft (knives, sculptures, cups, etc.)
  • He always knew health is determined by food and lifestyle even when no one was talking about it 
  • He tries to eat as traditionally as he can 
  • Indigenous groups don’t experience these modern diseases 
  • When indigenous populations start eating a westernized diet that’s when their health fails 
  • His dad died at 96, and just two weeks before he was still able to ski 20km to go see a neighbor 
  • “Live strong and healthy and drop dead” 
  • Saami health is declining with each generation
  • We are dying now younger and frail and weak vs dying strong at an older age
  • His parents lost their health when they adopted the dietary recommendations like eating whole grains, no limits on sugar, low saturated fat, etc. 
  • This generation was also the same generation that started losing their teeth  
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Part 50 - Fredrik the Sami Reindeer Herder Live From the Arctic Circle

Part 50 - Fredrik the Sami Reindeer Herder Live From the Arctic Circle