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Passion Isn't Enough

Passion Isn't Enough

Update: 2020-02-10101


Many Americans feel an obligation to keep up with political news. But maybe we should be focusing our energies elsewhere. Political scientist Eitan Hersh says there's been a rise in "political hobbyism" in the United States. We treat politics like entertainment, following the latest updates like we follow our favorite sports teams. Instead, he says, we should think of politics as a way to acquire power and persuade our neighbors to back the issues we support.
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Andi-Roo Libecap

This guy is coming across as very judgmental and small-minded which is funny because that's what he is trying to encourage listeners NOT to be. There is actually nothing wrong with being interested in current events on a national or even global level. I'm not interested in my neighbors, in attaining power, or in convincing anyone that being racist or Homophobic is a shitty stance. IT'S NOT MY JOB to teach people what their mamas neglected to do. Moreover, it's not my place. I don't like confrontation and quite honestly I lack the skills to have a calm discussion with people who jump straight to name-calling and condescension. I don't want to find middle ground with shitty people. I don't want to hug a Nazi. And I shouldn't have to be made to feel like garbage for this stance. Dude, you're the poli-sci major. You go change the world. I'ma stay home and listen to podcasts. Then I'm gonna vote when the time comes. I'm not gonna go knock doors tho. Funk dat.

Feb 22nd
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Diane Capic Kirkpatrick

I don't agree with his characterization of hobbyists or his label. besides voting what suggestions did he provide for those of us who are discontent to get power. at most of our neighbors and that is not the intent of many of us.

Feb 20th
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Feb 13th
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Passion Isn't Enough

Passion Isn't Enough

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