Patreon Update

Patreon Update

Update: 2019-07-26


We are proud to announce the Inglorious Bards Patreon page at

Here is a run down of some of the content available for our patrons spread across different tiers.

- Bonus Episodes: Full episodes of extra adventures of the gang.

- Bonus Audio: Continuums: After each session, we record an after show where we talk about what happened during the adventure and where we think the story might be going next.

- Bonus Audio: Evolutions: Listen to the players level up their characters throughout the campaign. What abilities and new powers do they bring to the table? What skills or feats did they focus on?

- Bonus Audio: Monthly Content: Once a month, we will release exclusive audio to patron members that cover a range of topics like a discussion on the rule system, a deep dive into the house rules we use and why, one-shot sessions, and even lost episodes.

- Campaign Polls: We'll introduce polls where you can vote on your favorite moment or favorite line from the show. You'll also get a chance to vote on where the direction of future episodes will go. 

- Exclusive Forum with the Cast: Join a private Discord channel where the Inglorious Bards players and game master respond to your questions and crazy theories.

- Access to character sheets, battle maps, and other digital files: Follow along with the adventures with the character sheets used by the players and the battle maps they fight on.

- Create Side Quests / Encounters / NPCs / Creatures: Join the private creator's forum where you can enter suggestions for side quests and encounters for the players to tackle. Have an idea for a helpful NPC or big bad guy? Send it our way. The galaxy is filled with strange alien creatures, what will you come up with? (These are subject to game master approval.)

- Highest Patron Tier Benefits: Be mentioned as a player sponsor in each episode AND come join us in your own adventure and play along with the Bards. We'll fly you in, put you up at a hotel, go out to eat, and have you join us for a one-shot adventure of your choice. This is only intended for individuals or sponsors that pledge at the highest level for a minimum of 6 months.

So take a look at the different tiers available and thank you for your support!

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Patreon Update

Patreon Update