DiscoverFreelance to FounderPaul Jarvis: From web designer to six-figure “company of one”
Paul Jarvis: From web designer to six-figure “company of one”

Paul Jarvis: From web designer to six-figure “company of one”

Update: 2019-01-301


For this epiosde, we head to an island. Well away from the major city - off the mainland of British Columbia, Canada.

A young man has grown from an unfortunate, bedridden condition in his youth to one of the most creative, one-man businesses around.

He’s done it by embracing the same counter-culture thinking he was captivated by, in his earliest years.

That creative led to him finding his place as a designer, then a freelancer, a podcaster, a course developer, and now, an author - with an established publishing company.

He’s deep into the hundreds and hundreds of thousands in annual revenue and he got there through a unique combination of escaping civilization -  while at the same time finding his audience.

This is the story of Paul Jarvis, author of the new book - Company of One.

Paul's built an audience of thousands of readers on his blog, teaches freelancers, writers, product-owners, content creators and businesses, how to use MailChimp with his online course - Chimp Essentials.

He has also helped over 10,000 paying students with his other course Creative Class, where he teaches them the business side of freelancing.

Listen in as Paul dives deep into his philosophy of transitioning from a freelance based work lifestyle to a more product base income approach, how to successfully manage and his strategies to scaling a business without giving up your freedom.

We’re really excited about this episode and hope you enjoy it!

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Paul Jarvis: From web designer to six-figure “company of one”

Paul Jarvis: From web designer to six-figure “company of one”

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