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Peeshee: Wyoming's Tiniest Tourist

Peeshee: Wyoming's Tiniest Tourist

Update: 2024-02-02


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When Owen Wister brought his family to Wyoming in 1912, they brought along a special friend: Peeshee, the waltzing mouse. The inclusion of this tiny tourist in their family gives us insight into the Wister family dynamics and their love of nature in all forms.
The Waltzing Mouse, once as common as goldfish as pets for children, was a puzzle to the scientists who studied them. These tiny creatures would whirl in circles rather than walk in straight lines and were more docile than their cousins. 
Peeshee spent the summer waltzing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming to the delight of the four Wister children.
The next year, tragedy struck when their mother died in childbirth and, unknown to them, this was the last summer they would spend in their beloved Wyoming. 
Peeshee the Waltzing Mouse was a delight to all and a fun memory of their time in Wyoming,

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Peeshee: Wyoming's Tiniest Tourist

Peeshee: Wyoming's Tiniest Tourist

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