DiscoverHealing After Birth - A Mindful Podcast for MothersPelvic Floor Health with Mandy Rempfer-Kuncio
Pelvic Floor Health with Mandy Rempfer-Kuncio

Pelvic Floor Health with Mandy Rempfer-Kuncio

Update: 2019-01-04


NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, the end of our podcast cut out, therefore we did not have a proper ending. I want to thank Mandy for taking the time to share her wealth of knowledge with our listeners. 

In this episode we talk about: 

  • What is pelvic floor physiotherapy

  • Anatomy of the pelvis 

  • The challenge of physiological resistance in the body

  • The implications of prolonged pushing

  • Biomechanics of pushing

  • The benefits of prenatal physiotherapy as prevention

  • The amazing ability for the body to heal

Mandy Rempfer-Kuncio is passionate about the pelvis!  Creator of the Birth Better Series for childbirth preparation and a sought after speaker, Mandy is a pelvic health physiotherapist and birth doula in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Professionally, she loves serving women through her physiotherapy clinic, Nurture Her, which focuses on pre- and post-partum care (once post-partum, always post-partum!).  The team at Nurture Her can help with many challenges that women face, including: incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis recti, birth injury, and pain during pregnancy or afterwards, including sexual pain.  You can also find Mandy at where she helps bring products that support a strong core to women everywhere. 

Mandy is devoted to women’s health and wellness because she too lives in a woman’s body.  As a mother of three, she also intimately understands the physical challenges and joys that come along with the journey of motherhood.  Mandy has a big dream for a strong world, full of strong families and strong mothers.

You can connect further with Mandy (and her course offerings and blog full of free video and education) at and find products at

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Pelvic Floor Health with Mandy Rempfer-Kuncio

Pelvic Floor Health with Mandy Rempfer-Kuncio

Jennifer Summerfeldt, MACP