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Persona design and voice actors with Adva Levin

Persona design and voice actors with Adva Levin

Update: 2020-02-03


Adva Levin joins us to share why you should design personas for your voice apps, how you can create them, as well as how to work with voice acting talent.

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In this episode

Clifford Nass and Scott Brave, in their book Wired for Speech, showed that whether you want to or not, humans cannot help but form a picture in their minds about the voice they're hearing. 

Just from a voice alone, we can form an understanding of the gender, age, education, location and mood of someone, and more.

So whether you create a persona for your voice applications or not, your users will form one anyway. 

That's why its so important to create one, so that you can try and establish some consistency in the mind of your users. 

Having a persona documented is also like a style guide for conversation designers. It helps guide writing and creates synergy on projects where many designers are needed. 

Adva Levin has created some of the most recognisable and award winning Alexa skills, including Kids Court, and also provides consultancy and design services for organisations through her company, Pretzel Labs. Most of Adva's work requires some kind of persona design. So who better to take us through the why's and the how's?


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Persona design and voice actors with Adva Levin

Persona design and voice actors with Adva Levin